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Portugal , should I say good bye ?!!!

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Klose’s modest, almost understated demeanour, means that few would begrudge him Ronaldo’s record. In Germany, he is almost as well known for two rare incidents of sportsmanship as his scoring feats. While playing for Werder Bremen in April 2005, he famously refused to accept a penalty because he felt the referee had made a mistake. Then, in September 2012, he told the referee he had used his hand to score a goal against Napoli. The official took back the goal but, rather than issue a yellow card for the offence, he shook Klose’s hand. “I am happy he broke my record because he is a great striker and a great guy,” said Müller. Klose is rather less generous in his self analysis. “Please don’t compare me to Gerd Müller — I will never be mentioned in the same breath,” he said. Such self deprecation, though, should not be mistaken for any lack of ambition. In what will surely be his last World Cup, he is utterly determined to surpass Ronaldo. “I don’t like speaking about records, but anyone who knows me knows that this is an important goal of mine,” he said. “The team will always comes first but I realise it would be special.” Klose pauses before assessing the enormity of what he could achieve in Brazil. “The record is something that keeps me going at this level — it would mean the world to me.”

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A Day with Karim Benzema | translation 

- updating his own social networks? “Yes —  that’s me, myself and I.”

- music he’s listening to now? A song called BBC (Bale, Benzema, Cristiano)

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Making Of: Iker Casillas for the June issue of GQ España | 22-05-14

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